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Roger Robinson


Born - 2 May 1940, Seattle, Washington, USA
Died - 26 September 2018

Solidly-built, moustachioed Afro-American actor who enjoyed greater success in the theatre - where he won one Tony and was nominated for another - than with his career as a supporting actor in films. After naval service, where he excelled as a bandsman, Robinson turned to acting and made a Broadway debut in the late 1960s, with films following a few years later: Believe in Me (1971), Willie Dynamite (1973), Newman's Law (1974), Meteor (1979), It's My Turn (1980), The Lonely Guy (1984), Money, Power, Murder (1989), Who's the Man (1993), Burnzy's Last Call (1995), Vig (1998), Brother to Brother (2004), Wedding Daze (2006), Smoking/No Smoking (2011), Foreclosure (2014), Custody (2016) and Vineland (2016), his last. He died of complications from a heart condition.