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Alan Steel


Born - 7 September 1935, Rome, Italy
Died - 5 September 2015

Square-faced, brown-haired Italian-born hero of muscleman epics in the 1960s, playing Samson, Hercules and the like. Born Sergio Ciani, Steel was a bodybuilder who started in Italian mythological action epics as a stuntman, but soon assumed star billing; The Giant of Marathon (1959), Samson (1961), The Fury of Hercules (1962), Ursus, Rebel Gladiator (1962), Zorro contro Maciste (1963, Hercules and the Masked Rider (1963), Hercules Against Rome (1964), Hercules and the Moon Men (1964), Samson and the Mighty Challenge (1964), A...for Assassin (1966), Addio Mamma (1967), I'll Die for Vengeance (1968), Fury of the Khyber (1970), The Little Cowboy (1972), Fasthand (1973), Robin Hood: Storia di Arciere (1976), Lo Tigro, Tu Tigre, Egli Tigra (1978) and Baby Love (1979), his last. He died in his sleep.