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Difficult questions

  1. Jack Nicholson scores as Irish ganglord Frank Costello in The Departed. But who played the character in the 1991 film Mobsters?
  2. When was Charlie Chaplin knighted? a) 1952), b) 1961, or c) 1975?
  3. What connects Tim Roth, John le Mesurier and Richard Harris?
  4. What double act's real names were Dino Crocetti and Joseph Levitch?
  5. What is the name of the institution Jane Eyre is consigned to as a child?
  6. What is the name of Adam Sandler's production company?
  7. What connects Gary Cooper, Howard Keel and Charles Bronson?
  8. In which country do Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid end up?
  9. Who directed the 1999 film Bringing Out the Dead?
  10. Shaft. Shaft in Africa. Which of the Richard Roundtree's three 'Shaft' films is missing?
  11. What is the oldest surviving film company logo?
  12. In which 'Road' comedy do Bob Hope and Bing Crosby 'meet' Humphrey Bogart
  13. In which year were the first Academy Awards presented?
  14. In which American city does Dog Day Afternoon take place?
  15. What is the name of Audrey Hepburn's cat in Breakfast at Tiffany's?
  16. What kills Alec Guinness at the end of The Ladykillers?
  17. What pet does Jennifer Aniston have in Along Came Polly?
  18. What is Orson Welles' mansion called in Citizen Kane?
  19. What does Bongo the bear ride in Disney's Fun and Fancy free?
  20. What was Humphrey Bogart's production comany, Santana, named after?
  21. Which British actress played a boxer in Blonde Fist?
  22. At what boxing weight does Robert De Niro fight in Raging Bull?
  23. What do Ashton Kutcher, Scarlett Johansson and Vin Diesel have in common?
  24. Cinematically, what do the years 1919, 1941, 1969 and 1999 have in common?
  25. S.P.E.C.T.R.E. is a bad guys' organisation from the James Bond films. For what do the initials stand?
  26. In which US state was the mental asylum of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest?
  27. What does the Blue Fairy give Jiminy Cricket at the end of Pinocchio?
  28. What film contains the line 'It's probably some pretend place, where bluebirds sing and there's a whiskey spring'?
  29. In which American city is the fire station of Ladder 49?
  30. What is the name of Leonardo DiCaprio's flying boat in The Aviator?
  31. In which city is the opera house of 2004's The Phantom of the Opera?
  32. What is Mr Incredible's Christian name in The Incredibles?
  33. From what does Kirk Douglas die at the end of Champion?
  34. What is the name of the principal robot in I, Robot?
  35. Name the only mother-daughter combination to be nominated for Oscars in the same film
  36. What was wrong with an Oscar given to Spencer Tracy for Boys Town in 1938?
  37. What's the name of the bull terrier in Disney's 1963 film The Incredible Journey?
  38. What's the title of film on which Jim Carrey is working at the start of The Majestic?
  39. What's the name of the 'film within a film' in The Mirror Crack'd?
  40. How much money does Patrick Swayze make Whoopi Goldberg give two nuns in Ghost? Is it a) $1thousand, b) $1million, or c) $4million?
  41. What's the name of the planet in the 1956 film Forbidden Planet?
  42. In which South American city do Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie originally meet in Mr & Mrs Smith?
  43. For what did The Beatles win their only Oscar?
  44. What's the name of the school in The School of Rock?
  45. What does the 'W C' stand for in W C Fields?
  46. What is the connection between Donald Duck and the sci-fi film Silent Running?
  47. What is the name of the king of Siam played by Yul Brynner in The King and I?
  48. What was the prison mouse called in The Green Mile?
  49. What does Annette Bening do for a living in American Beauty?
  50. What links Abbott and Costello Meet Captain Kidd with Kiss Me Deadly?
  51. What is the name of Thor's Hammer in the Marvel superhero films?
  52. What the name of the 'Ruritanian' duchy in The Mouse That Roared and Mouse on the Moon?
  53. What links Christopher Lloyd, Leonardo di Caprio and Orson Welles?
  54. Who is the youngest winner of the Best Actress Oscar?
  55. At what number in Cherry Tree Lane do the Banks children live in Mary Poppins?
  56. Renee Zellweger won an Oscar for her performance in Cold Mountain. What was the Christian name of her character?
  57. What is the pub called where Simon Pegg and friends hole up in Shaun of the Dead?
  58. What's the name of Henry Fonda's cargo ship in Mister Roberts?
  59. What word connects films starring Helena Bonham Carter, Ray Milland and Ben Stiller?
  60. The Oscars presented in 2006 saw six different films win for best actor, actress, supporting actor, supporting actress, director and film. When was the last previous time this happened?
  61. What's the name of the fawn that Bambi falls in love with?
  62. With which bird does Bob Hope share his vaudeville act in My Favorite Blonde? a) parrot, b) pelican, or c) penguin?
  63. Who sang the theme song on the soundtrack of High Noon?
  64. What restaurant items cause Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan to switch bodies in Freaky Friday?
  65. Which two star brothers played the same screen detective?
  66. Name the club where Demi Moore performs in Striptease
  67. What's the name of the fountain in Three Coins in the Fountain?
  68. What connects Michael Keaton, Vera Miles and Stewart Granger?
  69. Apart from appearing together in Love Happy, what do the Marx Brothers and Marilyn Monroe have in common?
  70. Which female star made a guest appearance as a bearded pirate opposite Dustin Hoffman in Hook?
  71. What links British actresses Googie Withers, Angela Thorne and Margaret Lockwood?
  72. What words does Hilary Swank have on her dressing gown in Million Dollar Baby?
  73. What words does Matthew Modine have scrawled on his GI helmet in Full Metal Jacket?
  74. In which film does Frank Sinatra sing Just One of Those Things?
  75. What rise per hour is Doris Day trying to get for her fellow workers in The Pajama Game?
  76. What does exterminator John Goodman have embroidered on his cap in Arachnophobia?
  77. In which American city is Whoopi Goldberg a lounge singer in Sister Act?
  78. In which Manhattan district does the action of Gangs of New York take place?
  79. What does Mel Gibson have in common with Jeanne Crain and Maureen O'Sullivan?
  80. What's the name of Jack Hawkins' ship in The Cruel Sea?
  81. What connects Elvis Presley, Burt Reynolds and Johnny Depp?
  82. What connects Elijah Wood, Charlie Chaplin and Lindsay Lohan?
  83. What connects George Lucas, Marlon Brando, Jamie Lee Curtis and Hedy Lamarr?
  84. How many nannies have the Brown children scared off before Nanny McPhee appears on the scene?
  85. What's the name of Barbra Streisand and Dustin Hoffman's Florida spread in Meet the Fockers?
  86. What's the name of the riverboat in the 1951 version of Show Boat?
  87. What's the name of the railway station in the 1945 classic Brief Encounter?
  88. What connects Michael Caine, Charlton Heston and Cary Grant?
  89. Apart from the obvious, what connects Robin Hood(1922), The Adventures of Robin Hood(1938) and Rogues of Sherwood Forest(1950)?
  90. What connects Johnny Depp, Dirk Bogarde and Jim Carrey?
  91. What name connects Mario Van Peebles, Harrison Ford and Robert Vaughn?
  92. What connects Scarlett Johansson, Veronica Lake and Shelley Winters?
  93. Here's a game for film buffs. Start with a film actor, then make the surname the Christian name of the next actor - and so forth. If you can get to 10, you're a real wizard. I've included an eight-
  94. What was unusual about the 1943 Hollywood film Days of Glory?
  95. Which film carries the credit 'Screenplay James Dearden for the screenplay based on his original screenplay'?
  96. Who is the novelist whose works have been filmed the most?
  97. What's the name of the school in the various versions of Goodbye Mr Chips?
  98. What colour process made its debut in Warner Brothers' Carson City?
  99. What's the name of the disreputable pigeon voiced by Ricky Gervais in Valiant?
  100. What's the name of the dragon in Dragonslayer?
  101. What links Kate Winslet, Rose Byrne, Toni Collette and Rachel Weisz?
  102. What specifically connects films starring Errol Flynn, Randolph Scott and Gary Cooper?
  103. What connects the films Patton, Tarzan the Magnificent and The Southerner?
  104. What connects Elizabeth Taylor, Natalie Wood and Colleen Dewhurst?
  105. What connects Bette Davis, Jeremy Irons and Lindsay Lohan?
  106. Who are the only acting brothers to both be nominated for Academy Awards?
  107. What connects Halle Berry, Charlize Theron and Drew Barrymore?
  108. What film is showing at the cinema where Dirk Bogarde shoots Jack Warner in The Blue Lamp?
  109. What's the name of Catherine Zeta Jones' restaurant in No Reservations?
  110. What connects Bette Davis, Nicole Kidman and Angelina Jolie?
  111. In which American state does Emile Hirsch end up, in Into the Wild?
  112. Name all five of the original Marx brothers
  113. What was the name of the blood-and-thunder boys' paper in the 1947 film Hue and Cry?
  114. What's the name of Russell Crowe's ship in Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World?
  115. What connects Alec Baldwin, Pierce Brosnan and Robert Fuller?
  116. What's the name of the main robot (played by Alan Tudyk) in I, Robot?
  117. What card does Edward G Robinson turn over to win the final poker game in The Cincinnati Kid?
  118. Who played the sailor who accompanies Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra On the Town?
  119. Which screen comedian did MGM originally want for the title role in The Wizard of Oz?
  120. What film fact links Madonna, Katharine Hepburn and Virginia McKenna?
  121. What is the name of Tom Hanks' actress wife?
  122. As what are the Hengdian Film Studios better known?
  123. In which film did Sandra Bullock play a character called Birdee Pruitt?
  124. There were no American winners in the four big acting awards at the 2008 Oscars. When was the last time this happened? a) 1961, b) 1964, or c) 1970?
  125. What's the name of the bucking bull Steve McQueen rides in Sam Peckinpah's Junior Bonner?
  126. What's the name of the Quaker family's pet goose in Friendly Persuasion?
  127. Name the giraffe voiced by David Schwimmer in Madagascar
  128. What at one time was the working title of ET The Extra-Terrestrial?
  129. Which classic German film from the early sound years was remade by director Joseph Losey in 1951?
  130. Who wrote the novel on which Alan Ladd's breakthrough film, This Gun for Hire was based?
  131. What was the name of the young actress-singer who played the title role in Annie?
  132. Which Greta Garbo classic was later remade as a musical?
  133. What connects the Humphrey Bogart 30s' films Dead End, Invisible Stripes and Racket Busters?
  134. In which film did Alan Bates play the manager of a singer?
  135. In which film does silent comedian Harold Lloyd hang from the hands of a high-up giant clock?
  136. Who narrated the English-language version of March of the Penguins?
  137. What was the hallucinatory drug called in A Scanner Darkly?
  138. Which actress was voted 'Queen of Hollywood' in the late 1930s?
  139. Which actor debuted as a famous Western hero in 1981, but never made another film?
  140. What's the name of the cat in the Stuart Little films?
  141. What's the name of the girl played by Sally Hawkins in Happy-Go-Lucky(2008)? a) Polly, b) Pansy, or c) Poppy?
  142. Which glamorous British actress, who died in 2008, was married to actors Dermot Walsh and Don Taylor?
  143. What did the 'W.C.' stand for in W.C. Fields?
  144. What connects Catherine Zeta-Jones, Joanne Woodward and Lauren Bacall?
  145. Name Sigourney Weaver's spacecraft in Alien
  146. Which is the only film in which a Judy Garland character dies?
  147. Who said and in what film: 'Insanity runs in my family. It practically gallops.' ?
  148. What's the name of the little gun-toting guy who hunts Bugs Bunny?
  149. What is the only character voiced by Demi Moore for a Disney animated feature?
  150. Name that cartoon cat that 'kept on walking'
  151. What was unusual about the background score to Hitchcock's Psycho?
  152. What are the names of the two evil eels in Disney's The Little Mermaid?
  153. Name the company Dan Aykroyd works for in Trading Places
  154. Name the airport where the action takes place in Die Hard 2
  155. Name the venue for Edward G Robinson's 'testimonial banquet' in Little Caesar
  156. What was the name of the horse whose head is found in its owner's bed in The Godfather?
  157. What's the Christian name of James Stewart's titular character in Mr Smith Goes to Washington?
  158. Which famous American director made the wartime documentaries December 7th and The Battle of Midway?
  159. What's the name of Albus Dumbledore's pet phoenix in the Harry Potter films? a) Asha, b) Fawkes, or c) Hedwig?
  160. In which Disney cartoon feature would you find a cat called Lucifer?
  161. In which British film would you find Jonny Lee Miller, Dougray Scott and James McAvoy?
  162. What links Ralph Richardson, Kenneth More and William Powell?
  163. What do the numbers NCC-1701 mean to film sci-fi fans?
  164. What links Esther Williams, Kathryn Grayson, Judy Garland and Donna Reed?
  165. What's the name of the nightspot where Jessica Rabbit sings in Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
  166. Name the lethal skating manoeuvre Will Ferrell and Jon Heder perform in Blades of Glory
  167. What kind of creature is the villain's henchman, Fidget, in Disney's Basil, The Great Mouse Detective?
  168. Who was Bert Wheeler's partner in a long series of scatty film comedies in the 1930s?
  169. What unusual sporting achievement is shared by Steve Carell, Jim Carrey and Keanu Reeves?
  170. In which film did the evil doll Chucky make his first appearance?
  171. In film thriller terms, what connects Scotland, Wales, Ireland, England and Australia?
  172. What's the name of the nasty restaurant critic voiced by Peter O'Toole in Disney's Ratatouille?
  173. In which Disney cartoon feature would you find Timothy Q Mouse?
  174. What's the name of the prison camp Steve McQueen tries to flee in The Great Escape?
  175. Which actor links The Magnificent Ambersons, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre and My Darling Clementine?
  176. As who is the Countess of Abbingdon better known to action film fans?
  177. What specifically links 1981's Rich and Famous with the 2008 version of The Women?
  178. What links Blackboard Jungle, Star Wars and The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance?
  179. What song is Shirley MacLaine singing when she holds up a lobster in Sweet Charity?
  180. Which actress played her only major film role as Burt Lancaster's daughter in Sweet Smell of Success?
  181. Who was Cliff Richard's leading lady in the musical Wonderful Life?
  182. What connects Rod Steiger, Jeanne Crain, Richard Attenborough and Harpo Marx?
  183. Who directed the 2002 Oscar-winner for best film, Chicago?
  184. What connects Tom Courtenay, Terence Stamp and Jamie Bell?
  185. What two single-letter film titles have been used more than once?
  186. What connects the Disney films Bambi, Perri and The Shaggy Dog?
  187. What two nationalities did Anthony Quinn play in winning his two Oscars?
  188. Name the film studio John Goodman bosses in The Artist
  189. Heckle and Jeckle were cartoon birds. What kind?
  190. What's the name of the black-and-white film-within-a-film in 1980's The Mirror Crack'd?
  191. What connects Dr Peter Venkman, Dr Raymond Stantz ands Dr Egon Spengler?
  192. 'You've been a long way away...thank you for coming back to me' ends which film classic?
  193. What links the actors Paul Newman, Robert De Niro and Jean-Pierre Martins?
  194. Leonardo di Caprio has been Oscar-nominated (but not won) for The Wolf of Wall Street, What's Eating Gilbert Grape, The Aviator and which other film?
  195. In which film does Christopher Plummer make an entrance from inside a giant stone hand?
  196. What links Clint Eastwood, Paul Newman, Billy Crystal and Woody Allen?
  197. Who were the first brothers to be nominated for Academy Awards?
  198. Who said and in what film: 'You mustn't give your heart to a wild thing.'?
  199. What film do the rampaging gremlins watch in Gremlins?
  200. What's the real Christian name of 'Crocodile' Dundee?
  201. What connects Robert Newton's roles in Oliver Twist(1948) and Soldiers Three three years later?
  202. What make of car was James Dean driving when he was killed in 1955?
  203. What is Wallace and Gromit's occupation in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit?
  204. Name the character played by Robert de Niro in Taxi Driver
  205. In which of Alfred Hitchcock's films does a glass of milk figure in a key scene?
  206. What connects Janet Gaynor, Jeanne Crain and Ann-Margret?
  207. By what collective name would you know Dr Peter Venkman, Dr Raymond Stantz, Dr Egon Spendler and Winston Zeddmore?
  208. How was Boris Karloff credited in the cast at the end of Frankenstein?
  209. From which midwest US city does Eddie Murphy come to California in Beverly Hills Cop?
  210. What's the name of the 'holiday' destination where Pinocchio and Lampwick start turning into donkeys, in Pinocchio?
  211. What does the acronym WALL-E stand for?
  212. What's the name of the doggy heroine in Beverly Hills Chihuahua?
  213. What was the Christian name of The Other Boleyn Girl played by Scarlett Johansson?
  214. Why was Humphrey Bogart's production company called Santana?
  215. What was James Dean's middle name?
  216. What's Emma Watson's connection with the 1950s' films Strangers on a Train and Scaramouche?
  217. How many runs does cricketer Jack Warner make in his last Test innings in The Final Test?
  218. For which film did Renee Zellweger win the only Oscar in her career to date?
  219. What's the name of the train in Kenneth More's film North West Frontier?
  220. Who is the only actor/actress to win an Oscar in a film directed by Alfred Hitchcock?
  221. What was the Christian name of James Bond villain Dr No?
  222. Which action star's middle name is Gardenzio?
  223. What's the name of the blazing building in The Towering Inferno?
  224. Which famous British-born star played the Mock Turtle in the 1933 version of Alice in Wonderland?
  225. What links Keira Knightley, Carey Mulligan, Rosamund Pike, Talulah Riley and Jena Malone?
  226. Who is actor William Mapother's superstar brother?
  227. What links Tom Hagen, Kay Adams and Captain McCluskey?
  228. What links Frozone, Syndrome and Bomb Voyage?
  229. What was unusual about the six 'major' Oscars presented in March 1953?
  230. Name the five actresses who play the Bennet sisters in the 2005 version of Pride & Prejudice
  231. US actress Maya Rudolph is the daughter of which famous pop singer?
  232. What kind of motorcycle does Steve McQueen ride in The Great Escape?
  233. What's the name of the McCanles' ranch in Duel in the Sun?
  234. What's Greg Focker's real first name in the 'Meet the Parents' comedy series?
  235. What's the surname of the officer who becomes RoboCop?
  236. What's the name of George Clooney's fishing boat in The Perfect Storm?
  237. Which director was nominated four times for an Oscar, in 1944, 1945, 1954 and 1960, but never won?
  238. Which actress was given an honorary Academy Award at the age of seven?
  239. Which film begins with the dialogue: 'My Name is Lester less than a year I'll be dead'
  240. Who was the second English actor to win an Oscar? (Charles Laughton was the first).
  241. In which UK film comedy does one character keep referring to 'the wily Pathan'?
  242. What was the first horror film to be made completely in colour?
  243. What links The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Madagascar and Sleepless in Seattle?
  244. If Speedy Gonzales is 'the fastest mouse in all Mexico', who is the slowest?
  245. What links the films Edward My Son, Rebecca and George and Margaret?
  246. What's the name of the TV show in Quiz Show?
  247. Which swashbuckling guest star pops up as Doris Day's hometown boyfriend at the end of It's a Great Feeling?
  248. How much cash has Josh Brolin stolen in No Country for Old Men?
  249. What is the show advertised on the billboard by which Edward G Robinson dies in Little Caesar?
  250. What was the name of the ship commanded by James Cagney in Mister Roberts?
  251. What's the name of the church in the Oscar-winning Going My Way?
  252. Which two current UK actresses share the same surname and the same first two letters of their Christian name?
  253. Name the three films James Cagney made with Doris Day
  254. Psycho's Janet Leigh made five musicals in her career. Name three of them
  255. What was the last English-speaking film to win the Cannes festival's grand prix? Clue: it was in 2013
  256. Which is the only Doris Day film in which her character dies?
  257. What is the only instance of three men from the same film being nominated for the Best Actor Oscar?
  258. What links Archimedes, Orville and Panchito?
  259. What is the Christian name of Sigourney Weaver's character Ripley in the 'Alien' films?
  260. Who is the only actress to be Oscar-nominated for consecutive films 15 years apart?
  261. What links Vera Miles, Stewart Granger and Sally Gray?
  262. In which film would you eat and drink at Jack Rabbit Slim's?
  263. What's the name of Clint Eastwood's radio station in Play 'Misty' for Me?
  264. What's the name of the riverboat in the two versions of Show Boat?
  265. What's the name of the Texas town where the action takes place in The Last Picture Show?
  266. Name the malt and ice cream shop in Grease
  267. In which famous horror film is the vampire called Count Orlok?
  268. To what 'new melody' do Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers dance at the end of Top Hat?
  269. Name the town where Gary Cooper is the lawman in High Noon
  270. From what adventure writer does Christopher Lloyd take the names of his two sons in Back to the Future Part III?
  271. What's the name of Scarlett Johansson's horse in The Horse Whisperer?
  272. In which film does George Clooney play a character called Fred Friendly?
  273. Why were the 1938 Oscars ceremonies delayed by a week?
  274. Where were Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal dining in the 'orgasm' scene from When Harry Met Sally...?
  275. What links Isla Fisher, Simon Baker and Melissa George?
  276. Name the actor who plays the tourist who turns into a werewolf in An American Werewolf in London
  277. Which Oscar-nominated actress wrote the children's book Freckleface Strawberry?
  278. Who is actress Abigail Breslin's actor brother?
  279. What connects film stars Ginger Rogers, Adrian Booth and Geena Davis?
  280. What was unusual about the 1968 competition for the best actress Oscar?
  281. What kind of animal is Tuke from the Disney film Brother Bear? a) beaver, b) bear, c) gopher, or d) moose?
  282. Which actor has appeared in two screen versions of The Great Gatsby?
  283. From which Alan Ladd film does the quote "Man who trust woman walk on duckweed over pond" come?
  284. Ernest Cossart, Hollywood character of the 30s and 40s, was the brother of which famous composer?
  285. Name the strip of land the RAF flyers operate from, in The Way to the Stars
  286. What's the name of the little boy's pet snake in Carol Reed's The Fallen idol?
  287. In which film does the title character drive a vehicle with the registration 3S96?
  288. The autobiography Between a Rock and a Hard Place was made into which 2010 film?
  289. What links Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein and Krakatoa East of Java?
  290. Which leading film characters had the surnames Sawyer and Dickinson?
  291. Name the horse ridden by western star Allan 'Rocky' Lane
  292. What was the name of Doc Brown's dog in the Back to the Future films?
  293. Who is the most-filmed author of the 20th century?
  294. What's the name of the wolf Kevin Costner befriends in Dances with Wolves?
  295. In which Rodgers and Hammerstein musical would you hear the song It's a Grand Night for Singing?
  296. What's the name of Abigail Breslin's actor brother?
  297. In Ghost Busters, what's the guys' phone number?
  298. What connects Modesty Blaise and Pulp Fiction?
  299. Which title character in a Disney cartoon feature never speaks?
  300. Who drove the vehicle number 3S96?
  301. Who was John Travolta's leading lady in Saturday Night Fever?
  302. What's the name of the village close to the scientist's watchtower in the 1931 Frankenstein?
  303. Which singer/film star-to-be interrupted a radio message of Stalin's death while working as a military decoder?
  304. Name the paper Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau work for, in The Front Page
  305. Which major MGM star played a cameo role in the Debbie Reynolds musical I Love Melvin?
  306. What do John Wayne, Samuel L Jackson and Bette Davis have in common?
  307. What links Bing Crosby, Spencer Tracy and Barry Fitzgerald?
  308. What links Mars, New York and China?
  309. Which soon-to-be-famous composer wrote the background score for the 1974 film The Odessa File?
  310. Which two movie stars (one past, one present- have the same surname and all but two letters of their five-letter Christian name?
  311. in Benny & Joon, Johnny Depp played Benny, but who played Joon?
  312. What 's the name of Scarlett Johansson's horse in The Horse Whisperer?
  313. Who was the first actor to win Oscars two years running`?
  314. What is the name of the dragon in the 'How to Train Your Dragon' films?
  315. Which 94-year-old actor was given an honorary Oscar in 2010?
  316. Where in India was The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel?
  317. What's the name of the fictitious Latin-American country in Woody Allen's Bananas?
  318. Name the valuable mineral found on the planet Pandora in Avatar
  319. Who played the leading female role opposite Charles Laughton and John Mills in Hobson's Choice?
  320. What sport features in the films Goon and Slap Shot?
  321. In Looney Tunes cartoons, what kind of animal is Slowpoke Rodriguez?
  322. In which award-winning film would you find boys studying at Welton Academy?
  323. What was the name of the dragon in Disney's Pete's Dragon?
  324. What kind of car does Steve McQueen drive in Bullitt?
  325. What kind of animal is Friar Tuck in Disney's 1973 cartoon version of Robin Hood?
  326. Which 'state winner' did Sandra Bullock play in Miss Congeniality?
  327. Who is the only filmmaker to have directed his own daughter to an Oscar?
  328. What is the only film in which Humphrey Bogart wears a pencil moustache?
  329. Which team of Hollywood comedians were known in Italy as Gianni and Pinotto?
  330. What links Harrison Ford, Steve McQueen, Jackie Gleason and Nicole Kidman?
  331. Which Hollywood actor married two Gabor sisters - Magda and Zsa Zsa?
  332. The Wise Little Hen (1934) marked the first appearance of which Disney cartoon character?
  333. Which star's 2013 memoir was entitled Unsinkable?
  334. Which horror heroine wrote an autobiography called On the Other Hand?
  335. In which film does Angela Lansbury play Agatha Christie's detective Miss Marple?
  336. In which of their films do Laurel & Hardy encounter a gorilla on a rope bridge?
  337. Which classic film is set in the village of Cerrig Ceinnen?
  338. Who was the first Hollywood star to appear on a postage stamp?
  339. What is Liam Neeson's real first name?
  340. Who is the only actress to have starred in four films where her character was also the title of the film?
  341. Which film contains the first Oscar-winning song from a non-musical?
  342. In which 1990s' film would you find a dance contest held at Jack Rabbit Slim's?
  343. What links Hugh Jackman, Robert Newton, Ian McShane and Peter Ustinov?
  344. Dick Van Dyke, Robin Williams, Ben Stiller & Mickey Rooney appear in which film(s) together?
  345. What one word links Laurel & Hardy with Hope & Crosby?
  346. What is the child suffering from in Lorenzo's Oil?
  347. What's the name of the town Laurel & Hardy travel to, in Way Out West?
  348. If you were watching Marilyn Louis, Ira Grossel and Joan Olander in a 1950s' movie, what would it be?
  349. As what are the characters Andrew Clark, Brian Johnson, John Bender, Claire Standish and Allison Reynolds better known?
  350. Name the English village full of demonic goings-on in Hot Fuzz
  351. Horror star Bela Lugosi only made one colour film. What was it?
  352. Bruce Lee, Naomi Watts, Mel Gibson and Russell Crowe. Who's the odd one out?
  353. Which Oscar-winning actress was runner-up in the 1986 Miss America contest?
  354. Name the planet where Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis end up, in Jupiter Ascending.
  355. Which sleuth of fiction was played three times by UK actor John Bentley in the 1940s and 1950s?
  356. Which Oscar-winning star's father was an Olympic gold medallist at rowing? a) Meryl Streep, b) Ingrid Bergman, c) Katharine Hepburn, or d) Grace Kelly?
  357. Which Rodgers and Hammerstein musical was first seen as a film and only 50 years later performed on stage?
  358. Name the Disney sequel to Old Yeller (1957)
  359. Which singing star was runner-up in the 1952 Miss Pennsylvania beauty contest?
  360. Which film featuring James Bond has a soundtrack song by Dusty Springfield?
  361. In which two of his films does Will Hay carry a piglet under his arm?
  362. Many film titles start 'Johnny...' But there have been only six real-life Hollywood above-the-title 'Johnny' stars. Can you name them?
  363. What, according to Mr Memory in Hitchcock's 1935 film are The 39 Steps?
  364. What three film titles link Emily Blunt, Jim Broadbent and Christopher Plummer?
  365. What film are the squaddies watching in Jarhead?
  366. Name the hit number sung by Burl Ives in Summer Magic
  367. Which present-day star has played real-life characters (not counting himself) in 12 films?
  368. What precise physical attribute links Meg Ryan, Kate Winslet, Oprah Winfrey and Uma Thurman?
  369. Which MGM star makes a fleeting guest appearance in The Band Wagon?
  370. Alicia Vikander is one of six Swedish actors/actresses to be nominated for an Oscar. Name two of the other five.
  371. What links Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy with Olivia de Havilland and Bette Davis?
  372. What's the name of the disco John Travolta frequents in Saturday Night Fever?
  373. What was the name of Vivien Leigh's doomed daughter in Gone With the Wind?
  374. Which German actor has appeared in two adaptations from the works of Ian Fleming? Name them
  375. What was the first James Bond film to win an Oscar (of any kind)?
  376. What one thing clears an innocent man in Call Northside 777 ?
  377. In a musical sequence from which film does Debbie Reynolds play - a football?
  378. What did the 'O' stand for in RKO-Radio?
  379. Who were Albert Finney's female co-stars in Saturday Night and Sunday Morning?
  380. Which famous French actress made her English-speaking debut in the wartime drama Against the Wind?
  381. What's the name of Elsa's kingdom in Disney's Frozen?
  382. Name one of the two UK films in 1959 and 1961 that had just two letters changed in the title for US release
  383. What's the only film in which you would see a conversation between Edward G Robinson and Yul Brynner?
  384. What, filmwise, do Rita Hayworth, Marilyn Monroe and Raquel Welch have in common?
  385. In which country do the scientists encounter the Creature from the Black Lagoon?
  386. What was Disney dog Pluto's name on his original film appearance?
  387. What's the name of the film studio in Hail, Caesar!?
  388. In which two films did Vincent Price, Boris Karloff and Basil Rathbone appear together?
  389. What is 6ft 10in Bolaji Badejo's connection with Ridley Scott?
  390. What is Jerry Lewis's father famous for in That's My Boy (1951)?
  391. What is Jim Carrey's character name in The Cable Guy?
  392. Which child star of the 1950s had a chart hit with Nellie the Elephant?
  393. What links Franchot Tone, Jose Ferrer and Ewan McGregor?
  394. What's the name of the planet colony to which Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence are headed in Passengers?
  395. What's Kate Beckinsale's character name in the Underworld films?
  396. What was the first time horror kings Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee appeared in the same film?
  397. Bette Davis and Humphrey Bogart made five films together. Name two of them.
  398. Which distinguished British stage and film actor played the 'Well Manicured Man' in both the TV series and 1998 film of The X-Files?
  399. Which Hollywood star's autobiography was entitled My Side of the Road?
  400. Name the resort where Patrick Swayze works in Dirty Dancing
  401. Who's the odd one out from actresses Dulcie Gray, Eve Gray, Lorna Gray, Nadia Gray, Sally Gray, Anne Grey, Nan Grey, Shirley Grey and Virginia Grey?
  402. What's the real name of Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow character in the 'Avengers' movies?
  403. Which actor played Edward VIII in The King's Speech?
  404. What's the full name of Emily Blunt's character in The Girl on the Train?
  405. What industry is Benjamin (Dustin Hoffman) advised to go into, in The Graduate?
  406. Which character is frightened by the Black Spot in Treasure Island?
  407. Which star actor was a producer on Manchester by the Sea?
  408. Which British actor has an all-consuming fear of badgers?
  409. In which film does Doris Day marry Errol Flynn at the end?
  410. Which actor played the title roles in Scarface (1932), Juarez and The Life of Emile Zola?
  411. In which film does Anthony Hopkins iron a copy of The Times?
  412. What was the licence number on the original Ghost Busters' car?
  413. Which film gave Ava Gardner her only Golden Globe nomination?
  414. You may know cowboy star Roy Rogers' horse, but what was the name of his dog?
  415. Who is the only major participant in 'Carry On' films to be nominated for an Oscar?
  416. How many Oscar nominations did MGM's star-studded classic Grand Hotel get in 1932?
  417. What links Elijah Wood, Anthony Steel and Billy Crystal?
  418. Dwarf actor Jerry Maren, who died in June 2018, was the last surviving what?
  419. Five great diva icons: Claudette Colbert, Bette Davis, Barbara Stanwyck, Susan Hayward, Joan Crawford. Which is the odd one out and why?
  420. What links Vivien Leigh, Kevin Spacey, Hilary Swank and Christoph Waltz?
  421. Which Oscar-winning actress played the 'little old birdwoman' in the original Mary Poppins?
  422. The Seekers had a big hit with the theme song from Georgy Girl (1966), but who sang it at the 1967 Oscars?
  423. Which horror star's autobiography was called On the Other Hand?
  424. What stage show is being advertised on the billboard behind which Edward G Robinson is shot down at the end of Little Caesar?
  425. What kind of creature is Evinrude in Disney's The Rescuers ?
  426. In which Universal-International film does Tony Curtis play a mute gunman ?
  427. What was the first 'Carry On' comedy to be made in colour ?
  428. What is the restaurant called where Domhnall Gleeson and Rachel McAdams dine in the dark in About Time?
  429. What Hollywood film contains the largest all-female cast?
  430. Which Hollywood star was born Spangler Brugh in 1911?
  431. What nickname do the crooks give their elderly landlady in Ealing Studios' The Ladykillers?
  432. What is the icy kingdom called in the Frozen films?
  433. The carcass of which animal does Liam Neeson hide inside, in Rob Roy?
  434. What links Heath Ledger, Steve Coogan, John Hurt and Felicity Jones?
  435. Which film has a Starbucks cup in every scene but the last?
  436. Which film contains the most uses of the 'F' word and its derivatives?
  437. Fill in the missing tree 1: --- Wednesday
  438. Fill in the missing tree 2: The Wind in the ------s
  439. Fill in the missing tree 3: A Nightmare on --- Street
  440. Fill in the missing tree 4: Annie ---ley
  441. Fill in the missing tree 5:Anne of Windy ------s
  442. Fill in the missing tree 6: Simon -----
  443. Fill in the missing tree 7: Snow Falling on -----s
  444. Fill in the missing tree 8: Flight of the ------ Goose
  445. Fill in the missing tree 9: Steel ---------s
  446. Fill in the missing tree 10: The Place Beyond the ----s
  447. Fill in the missing tree 11: The ---- Beach Story
  448. Fill in the missing tree 12: Air-----!
  449. What's the name of the family restaurant in My Big Fat Greek Wedding?
  450. Which actress holds the record for the longest Academy Award acceptance speech?
  451. Who was the first English-born actress to win the best actress Oscar?
  452. What iconic Hollywood star has 'I did it the hard way' on her grave?
  453. The spaceship in Silent Running is named after which 1777 encampment?
  454. Name the only star to appear in three films Marilyn Monroe was also in
  455. In what two films did Steve McQueen and Paul Newman appear together?
  456. Who starred in the movies The Ape (1940), The Bat (1959) and The Chimp (1932)?
  457. What is Judy Hopps' home town called in Disney's Zootropolis?
  458. What was the last year the best actor and actress Oscars came from the same film?
  459. Horror maestros Boris Karloff, Vincent Price and Basil Rathbone appeared in two films together. What were they?
  460. The villains from Goldfinger and Thunderball appeared together in a 1974 film. What was it?
  461. Famous author John Steinbeck wrote the screenplay for which Marlon Brando film of the 1950s?
  462. Which two Abbott and Costello film titles are misnomers?
  463. What specifically connects Jack Nicholson, John Mills and Robert Taylor?
  464. In which two films did English comedy stars Peter Sellers and Tony Hancock appear together?