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Joe Mantell


Born - 21 December 1915, New York City, USA
Died - 29 September 2010

Best remembered as Ernest Borgnine's buddy in the Academy Award-winning Marty (1955), but also famous for uttering the memorable last line in Chinatown (1974) - 'Forget it Jake, it's Chinatown' - Mantell, a wiry man with dark wavy hair and the distinctive twang of a native New Yorker, was entirely a stage actor until his early thirties, when he began making films in 1949 with roles as newsboys in The Undercover Man and And Baby Makes Three. After Marty, he played more substantial roles in Storm Center (1956), Beau James (1957), The Sad Sack (1957), Onionhead (1958) and The Crowded Sky (1960). Much TV followed, until he returned to the cinema with much smaller parts in The Birds (1963), Woman Without a Face (1965) and Kelly's Heroes (1970), before Chinatown brought him back to public attention. He reprised his role as Lawrence Walsh from that film in his last picture, The Two Jakes, in 1990.