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Adrian Booth/Lorna Gray


Born - 26 July 1917, Grand Rapids, Missouri, USA
Died - 30 April 2017

Indomitable auburn-haired American actress who began as a singer, but is best remembered, under two aliases, as the heroine of innumerable 'B' westerns (in which she frequently lost the hero to the horse), horror films, thrillers and serials of the 1940s. Born Virginia Pound, she was a teenage dance-band singer, billed as Ginger Pound, before being offered a film contract under her real name. A year later, she changed it to Lorna Gray. Forty films later, she changed again, to Adrian Booth, and emerged as one of Republic's higher-rated stars: Hold 'Em Navy (1937), Smashing the Spy Ring (1938), The Man They Could Not Hang (1939), Deadwood Dick (1940), Tuxedo Junction (1941), the serial Perils of Nyoka (1942), So Proudly We Hail! (1943), The Girl who Dared (1944), Federal Operator 99 (1945), Valley of the Zombies (1946), Out California Way (1946), Last Frontier Uprising (1947), Exposed (1947), The Plunderers (1948), The Gallant Legion (1948), The Last Bandit (1948), Brimstone (1949), The Savage Horde (1950), Rock Island Trail (1950), Oh! Susanna (1951) and The Sea Hornet (1951), her last. She married actor David Brian (Brian Davis) and lived quietly as Mrs Virginia Davis in California. A frequent guest at nostalgia festivals in her later years, she died less than three months from her 100th birthday. Her husband had died in 1993.