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Vic Damone


Born - 12 June 1928, New York City, USA
Died - 11 February 2018

Dark-haired, Italianate American entertainer (a talent contest winner at 17) with strong, mellow singing voice that proved a big hit on disc and in nightclubs before MGM signed him for a few films in the early 1950s. After a debut in Rich, Young and Pretty (1951, miscast as a Frenchman), he made The Strip (1951), Mizar/Frogman Spy (1953), Athena (1954), Deep in My Heart (1954), Kismet (1955), Hit the Deck (1955), Viva las Vegas! (1956), Hell to Eternity (1960) and Spree (1967), his last. The first, second and fourth of his five wives, Pier Angeli, Judith Rawlins and Diahann Carroll, were all actresses, Angeli and Rawlins both sadly committing suicide. Born Vito Farinola (Damone was his mother's maiden name), he was married for 18 years to his last wife, fashion designer Rena Rowan, before her death in 2016. Damone died from respiratory illness complications.