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Siegfried Rauch


Born - 2 April 1932, Landsberg am Lech, Bavaria, Germany
Died - 11 March 2018

Rugged, fair-haired, squash-nosed Bavarian actor who became good friends with Hollywood star Steve McQueen after their appearance together in Le Mans (1971), but preferred life on his Bavarian farm to a career in America. Originally a singer and would-be architect, he studied drama instead and made his screen debut in Die Geierwally in 1956. But it was not until the mid 1960s that his film career gathered impetus: Kommissar X: Three Yellow Cats (1965), The Saint Lies in Wait (1966), The College Girl Murders (1967), The Zombie Walks (1968), Patton: Lust for Glory (1970), Mother (1973), The Eagle Has Landed (1976), Escape to Athena (1979), The Big Red One (1980), Popcorn and Paprika (1984), The Stone of Death (1987), Fire, Ice and Dynamite (1990), Sons of Trinity (1995), Normal Conditions (2000) and Die Geierwally (2005 remake), followed by several TV movies and TV series. He died after a fall down a flight of stairs.