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Cornelia Frances


Born - 7 April 1941, Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Died - 28 May 2018

Tall, red-haired, raw-boned English-born actress, long in Australia. Born Cornelia Frances Zulver, the niece of director Michael Powell, she made her debut in her uncle's Peeping Tom (1959) and The Queen's Guards (1961), before following him to Australia, where she made They're a Weird Mob (1966), Essington (1974), The Box (1975), Run, Rebecca, Run! (1981), Return to Snowy River (1988), Outback (1989) and Ned (2003), her last, by which time she was already entrenched in the popular TV series Home and Away (as Morag Bellingham), appearing in almost 500 episodes. She died from bladder cancer.