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Jose Terron


Born - 5 July 1939, Madrid, Spain
Died - 12 May 2019

Rangy, bony, muscular Spanish stuntman and actor, an ugly man with protruding teeth who played many a scowling bad guy during his brief (12-year) occupation of the Italian action scene. You really couldn't miss Terron in a spaghetti western, fair hair flopping, face set in a leer - and he was in many of the better ones. Born Jose Terron Penaranda, he was already playing nasty customers at 22: El Cid (1961), The Fall of the Roman Empire (1963) and The Magnificent Showman (1964), before he settled in Cinecitta's version of the Wild West: For a Few Dollars More (1965), Django (1965), The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (1966), Arizona Colt/Man from Nowhere (1966), Navajo Joe (1966), Death Rides a Horse (1967), Blood River (1967), Shalako (1968), White Comanche (1968), The Pistolero of Ava Maria (1969), The Devil's Backbone (1971) and My Name is Nobody (1973), his last.