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Earl Cameron


Born - 8 August 1917, Pembroke, Bermuda
Died - 3 July 2020

Chunkily built, snub-nosed, sharp-featured West Indian actor of medium height and sympathetic personality, born Earlston Cameron, who came to Britain in the war years and ran up a formidable stage and radio CV before making his film debut in Pool of London (1950), which gave him a leading role. Also a good bass singer who once starred in a repertory version of Show Boat, he played mainly character roles in films, interspersed with hundreds of appearances in other media. Films in featured roles (soon too often cast as native warriors) included There is Another Sun/Wall of Death (1951), Emergency Call (1952), The Heart of the Matter (1953), Torpedo Zone (1954), The Woman for Joe (1955), Safari (1956), The Heart Within (1957), The Mark of the Hawk (1958), Sapphire (1959), Tarzan the Magnificent (1960), Flame in the Streets (1961), Term of Trial (1962), Tarzan's Three Challenges (1963), Guns at Batasi (1964), Thunderball (1965), The Sandwich Man (1966), Battle Beneath the Earth (1967), Two Gentlemen Sharing (1968), The Revolutionary (1970), Scorpio (1973), The Message (1976), Cuba (1979), Deja Vu (1997), Revelation (2001), The Interpreter (2004), The Queen (2006), Inception (2010) and the short Up on the Roof (2013), his last. Almost 103 at his death, he had five children. His wife died in 1994, and he later remarried, his second wife Barbara surviving him.