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Annie Ross


Born - 25 July 1930, Mitcham, Surrey, England
Died - 21 July 2020

Dark-haired, wide-mouthed, husky-voiced, elfin jazz singer and, later, Hollywood character actress. Born Annabelle Short in England to Scottish parents, she was taken to America at the age of four. She was a child vocalist and had already appeared in films before her parents went to live in Scotland, leaving her in the care of an aunt, singer Ella Logan. She became a member of the pioneering jazz group Lambert, Hendricks and Ross and went on to a successful recording career. After beating a heroin addiction, she began taking character roles in movies to add to her earlier Hollywood credits: Our Gang Follies of 1938 (1937), Cinderella's Feller (1940), Presenting Lily Mars (1943), Stiffkey Scandals of 1932 (1969), Straight On Till Morning (1972), Dead Cert (1974), Alfie Darling (1975), Yanks (1979), Superman III (1983), Throw Momma from the Train (1987), Trading Hearts (1988), Pump Up the Volume (1990), The Player (1992), Short Cuts (1993), Blue Sky (1994), The Ring of Truth (1996), her last, and more. A documentary about her life, No One But Me, was shown at the Glasgow Film Festival in 2012. Married/divorced actor Sean Lynch and a longtime companion of comedian Lenny Bruce, she died from emphysema and heart failure four days before her 90th birthday. Sister of comedian Jimmy Logan and aunt of singer Domenick Allen.