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Marisa Pavan


Born - 19 June 1932, Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy
Died - 6 December 2023

Dark-haired, dark-eyed, delicately pretty Italian actress, the twin sister of actress Pier Angeli, though more independent-minded. Pier, later to commit suicide at 39, was already a star actress when the family moved to Hollywood in 1950, and Marisa (born Maria Luisa Pierangeli, but changing her name to Pavan after a Jewish refugee hidden from the Nazis by her family) also moved into films, mostly in co-starring roles: What Price Glory (1952), Amor e Libertad!/Love and Liberty (1953), Down Three Dark Streets (1954), Drum Beat (1954), The Rose Tattoo (1955), Diane (1956), The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit (1956), The Midnight Story/Appointment with a Shadow (1957), John Paul Jones (1959) and Solomon and Sheba (1959), after which she quit the movie scene for many years. Later, she was seen in Cutter's Trail (1970), The Slightly Pregnant Man (1973) and Antoine et Sebastien (1974), plus TV and theatre work until 1992. She married, divorced and remarried French actor Jean-Pierre Aumont, who died in 2001; the actress Tina Aumont is their daughter. Survived by three children and another sister, Patrizia, Pavan died in her sleep.