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Phyllis Thaxter


Born - 20 November 1919, Portland, Maine, USA
Died - 14 August 2012

Pretty, faintly patrician brunette with a slight resemblance to Patricia Neal. Her career was mainly confined to waiting wives and docile girlfriends; but within those confines she gave warm and winningly spirited performances until the progression of her career was hit by an attack of infantile paralysis in 1952. Just prior to that, her co-stars had included Burt Lancaster, James Cagney and Gary Cooper, in her most prominent period at the Warner Brothers of the early 1950s. On Broadway at 19, her film career began belatedly with Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo (1944), and included Bewitched (1945, her only top-billed role), The Sea of Grass (1947), Blood on the Moon (1948), The Breaking Point (1950), Come Fill the Cup (1951), Man of Bronze (1951), Springfield Rifle (1952), Operation Secret (1952), Women's Prison (1955), Man Afraid (1957) and The World of Henry Orient (1964). Her last film role was as Clark Kent's mother in Superman (1978), although she continued to act in TV drama until the early 90s. She died from Alzheimer's Disease.