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John McCallum


Born - 14 March 1914, Brisbane, Australia
Died - 3 February 2010

Dark-haired, debonair, well-built Australian leading man, who got into Australian films - the first was Heritage in 1935 - immediately after completing studies at RADA in London. After World War Two, he came to Britain and quickly proved he could play smooth, tough, or romantic in a variety of star parts, among them The Root of All Evil and It Always Rains on Sunday (both 1947), the latter of which briefly made him one of Britain's more popular leading men. He followed up with The Calendar (1948), Traveller's Joy (1949), The Woman in Question (1950) and Valley of the Eagles (1951) without quite moving to the head of the cast. His last acting roles came in Port of Escape and Smiley (both 1956), by which time he had returned to Australia with his wife, English actress Googie Withers, to whom he was married for 62 years. Here he moved into TV production (including the famous Skippy series) with the occasional foray into direction, such as The Nickel Queen (1971), which starred his wife. The actress Joanna McCallum is their daughter. Some sources give his year of birth as 1917.