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Audrey Totter


Born - 20 December 1917, Joliet, Illinois, USA
Died - 12 December 2013

Narrow-faced, steely-eyed actress with reddish-blonde hair and petite, sexy figure, almost always in tough or cynical roles. A late entry to films followed fame on radio as 'the girl with a thousand voices' and she was soon bringing her unsmiling sultriness to strong film roles, albeit too often in medium-budgeted 'B' movies. Once said, though, that 'critics said I always acted best with a gun in my hand': Main Street After Dark (1944), Adventure (1945), The Postman Always Rings Twice (1946), Lady in the Lake (1946), The High Wall (1947), The Unsuspected (1947), Alias Nick Beal (1948), The Set-Up (1949), Tension (1949), Under the Gun (1950), The Sellout (1951), Man in the Dark (1953), Women's Prison (1955), A Bullet for Joey (1955), Man or Gun (1958), The Carpetbaggers (1963), Chubasco (1968) and The Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again (1979), her last, although she was occasionally glimpsed on TV until 1987. She died, one week before her 96th birthday, from congestive heart failure following a stroke.