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Joachim Fuchsberger


Born - 11 March 1927, Stuttgart, Germany
Died - 11 September 2014

Tall, brown-haired, gimlet-eyed, unsmiling Germany actor, known to his friends as Blacky, and prominent on the international scene in the 1960s before leaving movies to emigrate to Australia. Later, he returned to Germany. After a film debut in a lumpish musical, Geh mach der Feinsterl auf (1953), he remained little-known for some years before becoming familiar as the hawkish police inspector in a dozen or more German adaptations of Edgar Wallace crime stories, with the occasional mad scientist in horror films thrown in: Face of the Frog (1959), The Terrible People (1960), The Scarlet Baroness (1960), The Devil's Daffodil (1961), Dead Eyes of London (1961), Carpet of Horror (1962), The Inn on the River (1962), Mystery Submarine (1963), The Black Abbot (1963), Room 13 (1964), The Mysterious Magician (1964), The Face of Fu Manchu (1965), The Last Tomahawk (1965), Who Killed Johnny R? (1966), How to Seduce a Playboy (1966), The College Girl Murders (1967), The Zombie Walks (1968), Scream in the Night (1969), Superbug (1972) and Trance (1982). His first film for 25 years, The Vexxer (2007) was also his last. Married for 60 years to his second wife, actress Gundula Korte, he died from massive organ failure. His only son was killed in an accident in 2010.