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Shirley Yamaguchi


Born - 12 February 1920, Manchuria, China
Died - 7 September 2014

Born as Yoshiko Yamaguchi to Japanese parents, the performer was in films at 18, only later evading conviction on treason charges and possible execution by revealing her Japanese heritage. Later she made a couple of films in Hollywood and pursued her singing career, at one time becoming known as the Judy Garland of Japan: Mi Yue Kuai Che/Honeymoon Express (1938), Toyuki (1940), Fighting Street (1943), Repatriation (1949), Scandal (1950), Woman of Shanghai (1952), House of Bamboo (1955), Navy Wife (1956), Madame White Snake (1957) and Holiday in Tokyo (1958), her last, devoting the latter period of her life to a career in politics. She died from heart failure.