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Elina Labourdette


Born - 21 May 1919, Paris, France
Died - 30 September 2014

Fair-haired, straight-faced French actress with classical facial features, somewhere between Danielle Darrieux and Vera-Ellen. She made a pre-war debut in Pabst's Prison Without Bars (1938) - the parallel English version starred Glynis Johns - and was at the forefront of French cinema for the next three decades: La Pavillon Brule (1941), Des Jeunes Filles dans la Nuit (1943), Les Dames du Bois de Bologne (1945), Les Trafiquants de la Mer (1947), Le Chateau de Verre (1950), Edouard et Caroline (1951), La Vierge du Rhin (1953), To Paris with Love (1954), Elena et ses Hommes (1956), The Truth About Women (1957), Lola (1961), Five Miles to Midnight (1962), The Young Wolves (1968) and Earth Light (1970), followed by much stage and TV work. Her final cinema work was in the 2011 short film The Last Kodachrome.