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Nicoletta Machiavelli


Born - 1 August 1944, Ravarino, Italy
Died - 15 November 2015

Dark-haired, flashing-eyed, spirited Italian actress of 'gipsy' attractiveness, prominent in spaghetti westerns, and in other Italian films for the international market. Very busy in the 1960s, her output slowed by the end of the 1970s, and she moved to America to become an Italian language teacher at Washington University. After a debut in Thrilling (1965), she made more than 20 more films by the end of the decade: A Question of Honour (1965), Navajo Joe (1966), The Hills Run Red (1966), Matchless (1967), A Minute to Pray, a Second to Die (1968), Candy (1968), Monte Carlo or Bust (1969), Necropolis (1970), The Man with the Transplanted Brain (1971), Bawdy Tales (1973), Dirty Weekend (1973), Someone is Bleeding (1975), Holy Year (1976), Beyond Good and Evil (1977) and La Fuite en avant (1983), her last.