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Elaine Riley


Born - 15 January 1917, East Liverpool, Ohio, USA
Died - 7 December 2015

Square-faced, copper-haired beauty contest winner who was working as a dance band singer when signed by RKO-Radio in the early 1940s. She settled in happily as a 'B' movie heroine for them and other studios for the next decade, playing smaller roles in bigger movies: Gildersleeve on Broadway (1942), Higher and Higher (1943), The Falcon and the Co-Eds (1943), Step Lively (1944), A Night of Adventure (1944), The Brighton Strangler (1945), Pan-Americana (1945), Hot Cargo (1946), The Devil's Playground (1946), Variety Girl (1947), Danger Street (1947), False Paradise (1948), The Big Clock (1948), Alias Nick Beal/The Contact Man (1948), The Great Lover (1949), Rider from Tucson (1950), Where Danger Lives (1950), The Hills of Utah (1951), Leadville Gunslinger (1952), Steel Town (1952), Texas Bad Man (1953), Clipped Wings (1953), Dial Red O (1955), Pardners (1956) and Kelly and Me (1957), her last, although she continued acting on TV until 1960. She married Richard Martin (1917-1994), who took his Irish-American western sidekick Chito Rafferty through dozens of 'B' westerns. She died in her sleep, a few weeks short of her 99th birthday.