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Theresa Saldana


Born - 20 August 1954, Brooklyn, New York, USA
Died - 6 June 2016

Raven-haired, narrow-faced actress, often playing Bronx dames in gritty dramas - she was Joe Pesci's wife in Raging Bull (1980) - who also founded the Victims for Victims organisation after nearly dying from a knife attack by a prowler. Going straight into acting training after graduation, she moved into films in the late 1970s: I Wanna Hold Your Hand (1978), Home Movies (1979), Defiance (1980), The Evil That Men Do (1984), The Night Before (1988), Angel Town (1990), Shameful Secrets (1993), Carlo's Wake (1998), Gang Warz (2003) and Illusion Infinity (2004), her last. The cause of her early death is unknown at time of writing.