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Christopher Cazenove


Born - 17 December 1943, Winchester, England
Died - 7 April 2010

Light-haired leading man in British and international films with handsome, sympathetic features. Like American John Forsythe, who predeceased him by a few days, Cazenove found one of his biggest successes in the TV series Dynasty (he played Forsythe's brother Ben). He never quite became a 'marquee name' in films, although there were quite a few between stage and TV work. After his debut in There's a Girl in My Soup (1970), Cazenove also appeared in Royal Flash (1975), East of Elephant Rock (1977), Zulu Dawn (1979), From a Far Country (1981), Heat and Dust (1983, perhaps his best leading role), Mata Hari (1985), Souvenir (1989), 3 Men and a Little Lady (1990), Shadow Run (1998) and Bloodline (2008), his last. At one time married to the actress Angharad Rees, he died from septicaemia.