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Lawrence Montaigne


Born - 26 February 1931, Brooklyn, New York, USA
Died - 17 March 2017

Fair-haired, vaguely oriental-looking, multilingual American supporting actor who played Vulcans and Romulans in the original Star Trek series on television, as well as appearing in a number of films. Originally a dancer, he made his movie debut as such in The Band Wagon (1953). Later appearances, including a period in Italian films, came in The Saracen Blade (1954), Anything Goes (1956), The Teahouse of the August Moon (1956), Pillar of Fire (1959), The Mongols (1961), Damon and Pythias (1962), Captain Sindbad (1963), The Great Escape (1963), The Satan Bug (1964), Get Off My Back (1965), Tobruk (1966), The Power (1967), The Psycho Lover (1970), Escape to Witch Mountain (1974), Framed (1975), Young Lady Chatterley (1977), Deadly Blessing (1981), License to Kill (1984), Dakota (1988) and, much later, Star Trek: Of Gods and Men (2007), his last.