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Warren Clarke


Born - 26 April 1947, Oldham, Lancashire, England
Died - 12 November 2014

Heavy-headed, no-neck, light-haired, gruff-voiced British actor with smilingly simian features. Born Alan Clarke and distinctive in character roles from his early twenties, he was always in demand. After making his film debut in The Breaking of Bumbo (1968), he appeared in well over 100 films and TV series (notably Dalziel and Pascoe), in the next 46 years, largely in pugnacious roles: The Virgin Soldiers (1969), A Clockwork Orange (1971), O Lucky Man! (1973), Hawk the Slayer (1980), Firefox (1982), Enigma (1983), Lassiter (1984), Ishtar (1987), Crusoe (1988), Hands of a Murderer (1990), I.D. (1995), Greenfingers (2000) and Arthur's Dyke (2001), his last, although he continued appearing in TV series up to his death. He died in his sleep.