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Hector Babenco


Born - 7 February 1946, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Died - 13 July 2016

Bearded, balding, bereted Argentinian director of provocative projects. A filmmaker from his late twenties, he sprang to international attention with Pixote (1981), centred on a Brazilian street kid involved with crime at an all-too-early age. Other Babenco films included The Fabulous Fittipaldi (1973), Lucio Flavio (1977), Kiss of the Spider Woman (1985), Ironweed (1987), At Play in the Fields of the Lord (1991), Foolish Heart (1998), Carandiru (2003), El Pasado (2007) and My Hindu Friend (2015), his last. Later a naturalised Brazilian citizen, he died from a heart attack.