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Artro Morris


Born - 17 May 1921, Bangor, Wales
Died - 11 February 2014

Quizzical-looking, light-haired Welsh actor, born Timothy Artro-Morris, who played small but often distinctive parts in a few British films, though TV remained his principal source of income. His sporadic movies include Hidden Homicide (1958), Farewell Performance (1963), The Witches (1966), The Strange Affair (1968), Praise Marx and Pass the Ammunition (1970), the much-titled Revenge/Inn of the Frightened People/ Behind the Cellar Door/Terror from Under the House (1971), Dracula AD 1972 (1972), The Thirty-Nine Steps (1978), The Godsend (1980) and the TV movie Still Crazy Like a Fox (1987), his last.