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Helen Shingler


Born - 29 August 1919, Richmond, London (then Surrey)
Died - 8 October 2019

Bright, vivacious, youthful-looking, dark-haired English actress of slightly pinched prettiness, who had a couple of leads in British films before settling into decent supporting roles. After years on stage, she was a latecomer to films, but busy there for several years: Quiet Weekend (1946), The Silver Darlings (1947), The Long Mirror (1948), Dangerous Corner (1949), The Rossiter Case (1950), The Lady With a Lamp (1951), Judgment Deferred (1952), Love's a Luxury (1952), Laughing Anne (1953), Background (1953), Room in the House (1955) and Family Doctor/Rx Murder (1958), her last. In the early 1960s, she found a whole new audience as Mme Maigret in the long-running TV series from the novels of Georges Simenon. She continued appearing on stage and TV until her retirement at 65. Mother of actors Murray Head and Anthony Head, she passed her 100th birthday a few weeks before her death.