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Jack Couffer


Born - 7 December 1924, Upland, California, USA
Died - 30 July 2021

Big, rubicund, bespectacled wildlife cameraman, cinematographer and occasional director - always of animal stories. He had begun photographing animals and birds at the age of 11. After war service, he began shooting wildlife films, beginning with The Living Desert (1953), and including Secrets of Life (1956), Islands of the Sea (1960), The Legend of Lobo (1962), Country Coyote Goes Hollywood (1965), Jonathan Livingstone Seagull (1971) and Secrets of the Deep (1998). He directed Nikki, Wild Dog of the North (1961), The Legend of the Boy and the Eagle (1967), Ring of Bright Water (1969), Living Free (1972), The Darwin Adventure (1973), The Last Giraffe (1979) and Adventures of the Wildnerness Family 3 (also 1979). Films Couffer worked on as 2nd unit director included Big Red (1962), Sheena Queen of the Jungle (1984), Out of Africa (1985), Cheetah (1989) and The Ghost and the Darkness (1996). He was Oscar nominated for his work on Jonathan Livingstone Seagull.