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Hanna Maron


Born - 22 November 1923, Berlin, Germany
Died - 30 May 2014

Sharp-faced, brown-haired, German-born Israeli stage actress, in show business from infancy. She featured in Fritz Lang's original version of M in 1931 and appeared with Luise Rainer in Heut' kommt's drauf an (1933), but fled to Israel (then Palestine) in 1933 in face of the Nazi threat, and became a legendary stage figure there. She lost a leg in a terrorist airport attack in 1970, but recovered to appear in numerous further plays, as well as the films Doda Clara (1977), Ha'Ayit (1980), Kvish L'Lo Motzah (1982), The War After (1991), Yom Yom (1998) and Sof Shavua be-Galil (2007), her last.