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Bob Rafelson


Born - 21 February 1933, New York City, USA
Died - 23 July 2022

Lean, long-faced, lugubrious-looking American director whose films are largely offbeat pieces made interesting by firm direction and fine ensemble playing - several acting award nominees and winners have emerged from Rafelson's movies, with Jack Nicholson a favoured leading player. A prolific writer for TV, Rafelson spent two years on the TV series The Monkees before moving into films: Head (1968), Five Easy Pieces (1970), The King of Marvin Gardens (1972), Stay Hungry (1976), The Postman Always Rings Twice (1981). Black Widow (1987), Mountains of the Moon (1990), Man Trouble (1992), Blood and Wine (1996), the cable TV movie Poodle Springs (1998) and The House on Turk Street/No Good Deed (2002), his last. He died from lung cancer, survived by his (second) wife Gabrielle and three children.