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Rutger Hauer


Born - 23 January 1944, Breukelen, Utrecht, Netherlands
Died - 19 July 2019

Tall, blond, blue-eyed Dutch actor with mocking smile, a familiar face in international roles. Once known as 'the Dutch Paul Newman', he was much given to self-parody in later roles as self-conscious villains. His light, dry voice and excellent English seemed to fit him for a star career, but he never quite achieved the status to which he aspired, and was largely confined to straight-to-DVD roles, often as smiling sadists, after the 1980s. His first film parts ended up on the cutting room floor, but the leading role in the internationally-successful sex dramaTurkish Delight(1973) brought him to the attention of English-speaking cinema: The Wilby Conspiracy (1974), Soldier of Orange (1977), Grijpstra & De Gier (1979), Nighthawks (1981), Blade Runner (1982), The Osterman Weekend (1983), A Breed Apart (1984), LadyHawke (1985), The Hitcher (1986), Bloodhounds of Broadway (1988), Blind Fury (1988), Salute of the Jugger (1989), Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1992), Nostradamus (1994), Omega Doom (1996), The Hunter (1998), Slow Burn (2000), Confessions of a Dangerous Mind (2002), Sin City (2005), Goal II: Living the Dream (2007), Sword of War (2009), Hobo With a Shotgun (2011), Dracula 3D (2012), The Letters (2014), Beyond Valkyrie: Dawn of the 4th Reich (2016), Gangsterdam (2017), Samson (2018) and Tonight at Noon (2020), plus several yet-to-be-released films among his 150-plus movie credits. He died 'after a short illness', survived by Ineke, his (second) wife of more than 50 years.