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Meg Randall


Born - 1 August 1926, Clinton, Oklahoma, USA
Died - 10 August 2018

Blonde American actress with hints of Marie Windsor and Lizabeth Scott, sometimes in tough roles after beginnings as juvenile leads. Born Genevieve Roberts (and initially billed as Gene Roberts). she was briefly with both MGM and 20th Century-Fox before landing at Universal-International in 1948: Undercover Maisie (1947), Stork Bites Man (1947), Criss Cross (1948), The Life of Riley (1949), Ma and Pa Kettle (1949), Abandoned (1949), Going to Town (1950), Ma and Pa Kettle Back on the Farm (1951), Without Warning! (1952), America for Me (1953), Chain of Evidence (1956) and Last of the Badmen (1957), her final film, although she continued acting on TV until the early 1960s.