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Joe Lewis


Born - 7 March 1944, Raleigh, North Carolina, USA
Died - 31 August 2012

Big, blonde, craggily handsome sportsman and stuntman whose muscular good looks seemed certain of a future in action films following his phenomenal success in the heavyweight division of kickboxing. Despite an all-star supporting cast in his first vehicle, Jaguar Lives!, it was not to be. There were a few more movies: Force: Five (1981), Zhan Long (1988), Mr X (1995) and Bloodmoon (1997), although he continued appearing on TV until 2001, and there was one final film appearance in the yet-to-be-seen bonecracking bloodfest, Kill 'Em All (2012). The previous year, the veteran martial artist had had a malignant brain tumour removed.