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John Mackenzie


Born - 22 May 1928, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
Died - 8 June 2011

British director of mainly thriller films, his best-known being the tough gangster flick The Long Good Friday. A former actor, he moved to the other side of the camera in the early 1960s as assistant to another director, Ken Loach. He began directing for himself on TV in 1966, and his early films are more cerebral affairs: One Brief Summer (1970), Unman, Wittering and Zigo (1971) and Made (1972). After The Long Good Friday (1979), Mackenzie concentrated more on action: The Honorary Consul (1983), The Innocent (1985), The Fourth Protocol (1987), Blue Heat (1990). Ruby (1992), Deadly Voyage (1996), When the Sky Falls (2000) and his last theatrical feature, the Michael Caine-Michael Keaton thriller Quicksand in 2003. He continued to work in his last years, despite suffering a stroke in 2008.