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Warren Berlinger


Born - 31 August 1937, New York City, USA
Died - 2 December 2020

Tubby, dark-haired, not-too-tall, small-nosed American actor with piggy eyes and a chubby face that could look friendly or ominous as the part demanded. On stage at eight, the New Yorker was in films in his late teens, sometimes as the butt of others, but also in benign or comedy roles. He continued a featured-player film career into the 21st century, notably as Tony Curtis' right-hand man in the gangster film Lepke (1975). From 1969 on, he also played innumerable roles on TV. Movie credits include Teenage Rebel (1956), Three Brave Men (1957), Blue Jeans (1959), Because They're Young (1960), Rich, Young and Deadly (1960), All Hands on Deck (1961), Billie (1965), California Holiday (1966), Thunder Alley (1967), The Long Goodbye (1973), The Four Deuces (1975), The Shaggy DA (1976), The Magician of Lublin (1979), The Cannonball Run (1980), The World According to Garp (1982), Free Ride (1986), Going Bananas (1987), Ten Little Indians (1989), Accidental Hero (1992), The Feminine Touch (1994), That Thing You Do! (1996), Backlash/Justice (1999), They Call Him Sasquatch (2003), and Golf Millions (2010), his last. He married fellow teen player Betty Lou Keim and they had four children. She died in 2010 after almost 50 years of marriage.