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Raffaella Carra


Born - 18 June 1941, Bologna, Italy
Died - 5 July 2021

Popular blonde Italian vocalist, born Raffaella Poloni, who also had a busy acting career in the 1960s, often as the wilting heroine in muscleman action epics. She debuted as a child in Tormento del Passato (1952), but it was some time before she became a busy film personality: Caterina Sforza, the Lioness of Rome (1958), European Nights (1959), Fury of the Pagans (1960), Atlas Against the Cyclops (1961), Mole Men Against the Son of Hercules (1961), Ulysses Against Hercules (1962), Pontius Pilate (1962), Caesar the Conqueror (1963), The Terrorist (1963), Chance at Love (1964), Von Ryan's Express (1965), Red Roses for Angelica (1966), The Saint Lies in Wait (1966), Hell Commandos (1968), Confessions of a Bigamist (1969) and Safety Catch (1970). Later, she appeared in Barbara (1980), and in Colpi di Fortuna (2103) and My Heart Goes Boom! (2020), both as herself. She died from lung cancer.