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Ann Lynn


Born - 7 November 1933, Fulham, London, England
Died - 30 August 2020

Fair-haired, narrow-faced British actress, the great-niece of formidable farceur Ralph Lynn and cousin of director Robert Lynn. Born Elizabeth Ann Lynn, she appeared on screen as a baby in Song at Eventide (1934), but trained as a dancer before turning to acting. Her rather mournful looks often got her cast as downtrodden daughters or conniving bitches, although she was often the best thing in her films (and made some pretty obscure ones). Thwarted in her quest for leading film roles, she often turned to TV, and became well known in the 1980s for her portrayal of Rita Pinner (Rita was a typical Lynn name) in the series Just Good Friends. Films included Johnny, You're Wanted (1955), Keep It Clean (1956), Moment of Indiscretion (1958), Naked Fury (1959), Piccadilly Third Stop (1960), Flame in the Streets (1961), The Wind of Change (1961), Strongroom (1962), The Party's Over (1963), The System (1964), Four in the Morning (1965), I'll Never Forget What's 'Is Name (1967), Baby Love (1968), The Spy's Wife (1971), Hitler: The Last Ten Days (1973) and Screamtime (1983), her last, although she continued to act on TV until 1996. Married/divorced from actor Anthony Newley, her only marriage.