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Michael Latimer


Born - 6 September 1941, Calcutta, India
Died - 25 June 2011

Open-faced, young-looking, brown-haired actor, a former star athlete who turned to acting and starred in some of the less plausible British exploitation features of the late 1960s. No doubt daunted by such frivolities, he relocated to Australia in 1980, working there as a writer, producer and stage director. His film career began promisingly with A Man for All Seasons (1966) and the cult short Bedtime (1967). Subsequent movies were less distinguished: Slave Girls/Prehistoric Women (1967), Mosquito Squadron (1969), Man of Violence (1974), Got It Made (1975) and Sweeney! (1977). His last film as an actor was the Australian Fatal Sky (1990). He died from cancer.