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Frank Thornton


Born - 15 January 1921, Dulwich, London, England
Died - 16 March 2013

Lugubrious, long-faced, often moustachioed actor of erect bearing, usually in Patrician roles. Although much associated with the TV comedy series Are You Being Served? (as Captain Peacock) and Last of the Summer Wine (as Truly), this very English actor (born Frank Thornton Ball) had also been busy in the theatre from 1940, and in cinema roles, especially in the 1950s and 1960s. After a film debut in The Silent Witness (1953), he made, among many others, Radio Cab Murder (1954), Portrait of Alison (1955), Battle of the V1 (1958), The Tell Tale Heart (1960), Victim (1961), The Dock Brief (1962), The Mouse on the Moon (1963), The Tomb of Ligeia (1964), Carry On Screaming (1966), Crooks and Coronets (1968), The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes (1970), Our Miss Fred (1972), The Three Musketeers: the Queen's Diamonds (1974), Are You Being Served? (1977), a voice in The BFG (1989), Gosford Park (2001), Back in Business (2006) and a cameo in Run for Your Wife (2012), his last. He died in his sleep.