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Danielle Darrieux


Born - 1 May 1917, Bordeaux, France
Died - 17 October 2017

Bewitching, sophisticated, straight-staring, green-eyed blonde actress, whose eighty-year career in films is a French record. She tackled pretty well every kind of role, perhaps with a slight preference for the experienced woman with something to teach the younger man. Made a star by the first version of Mayerling, she made fewer international appearances than many of her contemporaries, but that was France's gain, and she remained beautiful into old age. She began as a teenager and was a star before she reached 20: Le Bal (1931), Dedee (1934), Mayerling (1936), The Rage of Paris (1938), Premier Rendezvous (1941), Adieu Cherie (1945), Oh! Amelia (1949),La Ronde (1950), Rich, Young and Pretty (1951), Five Fingers (1952), Madame de... (1953), Lady Chatterley's Lover (1955), Alexander the Great (1956), Marie-Octobre (1959), The Greengage Summer (1961), Bluebeard (1962), The Young Girls of Rochefort (1967), Roses Rouges et Piments Verts (1972), Divine (1975), La Cavaleur (1979), Une Chambre de Ville (1982), Scene of the Crime (1986), Le Jour des Rois (1991), 8 Women (2002), L'Heure Zero (2007), The Wedding Cake (2010), her last, and many more. Three times married.