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Susanne Lothar


Born - 15 November 1960, Hamburg, Germany
Died - 25 July 2012

Once described as 'an actress who sought extremes', this pixie-like German character star with swanlike neck and short, golden-blonde hair was known for appearing in controversial films. She made her film debut in Eisenhans/Strange Fruits in 1983, but it was some time before she became a film regular: Winckelmanns Reisen (1990), Der Berg (1992), Funny Games (1997), The Piano Teacher (2001), Hamlet X (2003), The Austrian Method (2006), The Reader (2008), The White Ribbon (2009), a British TV version of Murder on the Orient Express (2010), Remembrance (2011) and Anna Karenina (2012), her last. She married Ulrich Muehe, who starred in The Lives of Others, but he died from stomach cancer in 2007.