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Janet MacLachlan


Born - 11 August 1933, New York City, USA
Died - 11 October 2010

Although this African-American actress was seen principally in caring roles, notably as the influential teacher in Sounder (1972), her greatest success was probably on TV's Archie Bunker's Place (adapted from the UK comedy hit show Till Death Us Do Part), as sardonic housekeeper Polly. She made her screen debut in Uptight! (1968) and, although TV series dominated her career, further film appearances came in ...tick...tick...tick (1970), Darker Than Amber (1970), Maurie (1973), Tightrope (1984), Murphy's Law (1986), The Boy Who Could Fly (1986), Heart and Souls (1993), Angel of Desire (1994), The Big Squeeze (1996), The Thirteenth Floor (1999) and Black Listed (2003), her last. She died from cardiovascular problems.