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Soupy Sales


Born - 8 January 1926, Franklinton, N Carolina, USA
Died - 22 October 2009

Sad-faced, diminutive radio and TV comedian and custard-pie specialist. Born Milton 'Soupy' Supman, he began as a radio deejay, and had his own show, Lunch with Soupy, where the comedy started, in 1953. Films rare: Birds Do It, in 1966 - which he later said should be shown to miscreants as a form of punishment - was the only vehicle specifically spun round his talents. Other movie appearances included The Two Little Bears (1961), Don't Push, I'll Charge When I'm Ready (TV movie, 1977), Palmer's Pick-Up (1999), This Train (2001) and The Innocent and the Damned (2005), his last. He died from multiple health problems.