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Christopher Beeny


Born - 7 July 1941, Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Died - 3 January 2020

Slimline, fair-haired English actor of average height, a prominent child player of the early 1950s who never achieved the same success as an adult, although he continued to appear, mainly on TV, until 2010. He was in films at 11: The Long Memory (1952), The Kidnappers (1953), Child's Play (1954), It's a Great Day! (1955), Man of the Moment (1955). After a break for education, he was seen in A French Mistress (1960), and Doctor in Distress (1963). His last film appearance came in Pop Pirates (1984), although much later he enjoyed success as Morton in Last of the Summer Wine, having previously shone in another TV series Upstairs, Downstairs.