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Beth Rogan


Born - 19 July 1931, Walmer, Kent, England
Died - 25 November 2015

Dark-haired, apple-cheeked English starlet and socialite, whose racy private life was said to have been the inspiration for Julie Christie's character in Darling.... Born Jenifer Puckle, she began life as a teacher, but was 'discovered' for the Rank charm school and put into small roles with the occasional 'B' lead: Up in the World (1956), The Admirable Crichton (1957), Doctor at Large (1957), Count Five and Die (1957), Innocent Meeting (1958), The Captain's Table (1958), Operation Cupid (1959), Sands of the Desert (1960), Compelled (1960) and Mysterious Island (1961). After a break for marriage and children, she made Salt and Pepper (1968), her last. She died from a heart attack.