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Leslie Randall

Comedian/TV host/actor/writer

Born - 19 October 1924, South Shields, Durham, England
Died - 2 August 2020

Light-haired, ever-smiling, arrow-nosed English TV entertainer, born Charles Leslie Randall, who made his name both in advertising magazines and in his own domestic comedy show Joan and Leslie opposite his then-wife, actress Joan Reynolds. Later he worked in America and Australia. The Randalls were divorced in 1978 after 27 years of marriage and he concentrated on a career as a writer while taking occasional film roles. Later he remarried; Reynolds died in 2011 and his second wife a year later. Sporadic film appearances included those in Michael Bentine's experimental Trial Gallop (1952), then Just Joe (1960), Mystery Submarine (1962), Billy Liar! (1963), Your Own Front Door (1980), The Garden (1990), Goal! (2005), Goal II: Living the Dream (2007) and Last Chance Harvey (2014), his last.