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Marty Ingels


Born - 9 March 1936, Brooklyn, New York City, USA
Died - 21 October 2015

Round-faced, dark-haired, moustachioed, happy-looking American character actor, often in comedy roles. Born Martin Ingerman, he also (later in his career) became a voice-over artist and talent agent. On TV from 1958, films three years later: Armored Command (1961), The Horizontal Lieutenant (1962), Wild and Wonderful (1964), The Busy Body (1966), For Singles Only (1968), If It's Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium (1969), How to Seduce a Woman (1974), Linda Lovelace for President (1975), then an enormous amount of television and nightclub work until Instant Karma (1990), Round Numbers (1992), Kartenspieler (1997), Down the Barrel (2003), Chasing Robert (2007), Wednesday Again (2008), A Strange Brand of Happy (2013) and Bruce the Challenge (2016), his last. The second husband (married 38 years) of singer/actress Shirley Jones, he died following a stroke. Their autobiography, Shirley & Marty: an Unlikely Love Story, was published in 1990.