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Perrette Pradier


Born - 17 April 1938, Hanoi, Vietnam
Died - 16 January 2013

Piquant brunette French actress of kittenish sex appeal, almost a Brigitte Bardot for the 1960s, and briefly an international name in that decade. Born Perrette Chevau in Vietnam (then French Indo-China), she made her debut in Les Scelerats (1959), and the following year was voted France's most promising new actress after her performance in Stop Thief. Later appearances included those in Les Amours de Paris (1961), The Seven Deadly Sins (1962), Les Saintes Nitouches (1963), The Gentle Art of Murder (1963), Behold a Pale Horse (1964), OSS 117: Mission for a Killer (1965), That Man in Istanbul (1965), Judoka - Secret Agent (1966), House of Cards (1968) and Celeste (1970). As the freshness of her gamine appeal faded, she became better known as an expert voice-over artist, a career she pursued until the late 1990s. Later films as actress included Comme Une Femme (1980) and Paris-Madagascar (1983).