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Mike Connors


Born - 15 August 1925, Fresno, California, USA
Died - 26 January 2017

The epitome of 'tall, dark and handsome', strong-jawed Connors, born Kreker Ohanian of Armenian heritage, never quite achieved the top movie stardom that his TV success on such series as Tightrope and Mannix promised. He began his film career as Touch (a basketball nickname) Connors, playing co-starring roles in Sudden Fear (1952), Island in the Sky (1953), Naked Alibi (1954), Five Guns West (1955), The Day the World Ended (1956), Voodoo Woman (1957) and Suicide Battalion (1958). After stardom on TV, Hollywood welcomed him back, but continued to give him one-dimensional roles: Panic Button (1963), Good Neighbor Sam (1964), Harlow (1965), Stagecoach (1966) and Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die (1967), and he returned to TV, where the private-eye series Mannix brought him fame and fortune. Later films included Avalanche Express (1979), NightKill (1980), Too Scared to Scream (1984), Fistfighter (1988), Downtown Heat (1994), James Dean: Live Fast, Die Young (1996), Gideon (1998) and Nobody Knows Anything! (2003, once again as Joe Mannix), his last. He died from leukemia, with Mary Lou, his wife of 67 years, surviving him.