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Damiano Damiani


Born - 23 July 1922, Pasiano de Pordenone, Friuli, Italy
Died - 7 March 2013

Bespectacled, journeyman Italian director who made solid films about the Mafia and a clutch of 'tortilla' westerns. He was a man who could always be relied upon to bring his films in on budget and on schedule. Initially an art director, he began his directorial career by making documentaries in post-war years in his native Italy. His first fictional film was Il Rossetto/Lipstick in 1960, but he made his name with the rites-of-passage film Arturo's Island in 1962, and the following year was directing Bette Davis in The Empty Canvas. Later films included The Witch in Love (1966), A Bullet for the General (1966, his first western), Confessions of a Police Commissioner (1971), The Tempter (1974), Nobody's the Greatest (1975), The Warning (1980), Amityville II: the Possession (1982), Pizza Connection (1985), The Killing Game (1989), Angel with a Gun (1992) and Killers on Holiday (2002), his last. He died from respiratory failure.